Equanomics UK  believes racial injustice is coupled with economic injustice.  We aim to establish that tackling economic injustice and poverty can reduce  racial inequality in  education, criminal justice, employment, health and housing.  The vision for Equanomics UK is to achieve genuine race equality and economic justice by reconnecting economically and politically disenfranchised communities across the UK, presenting an economic analysis of discrimination, and growing a movement that will change the UK’s language and approach on racial and economic equality, and makes measureable progress in the objective economic status of BAME and disenfranchised communities.

We have to change our politics. We must assert our status in a progressive, innovative style which celebrates our omni-possibilities and, in particular, our growing contribution to the UK’s economy. The call for a community led voice and a new and insightful focus on Equanomics. Building this new compass will be a challenge.

Equanomics is not about creating a single voice; it is about enabling many voices to be amplified and  influence policy. With co-ordination, engagement and vision, our individual voices can come together to drive a vehicle for sustainable change.

Equanomics is an analysis

It will research and issue objective public policy analysis that objectively measures the structural inequalities (and progress toward equality) in the UK – e.g., in economics, health, criminal justice, education, employment, etc. It will produce research and public policy briefs, and a UK Equanomics Index. We look forward to the day when an ‘Equanomics’ analysis becomes a pre-requisite to policymaking, and when no policy or strategic direction can ever again emerge without the voices and engagement of disadvantaged communities.

Equanomics is an organisation

Equanomics-UK aspires to be the foremost third sector organisation addressing race equality in the UK from an economic perspective. It is a broad based coalition of individual activists, and myriad voluntary and community based organisations and in combining public policy research (its own, as well as from academia and think tanks) and transforming this research into social action. Currently it is a community-rooted organisation with a central national office, and envisions local Economic Action Teams in cities throughout the UK.

Equanomics is a movement

It is the “new language” for today’s civil rights movement for racial equality and economic justice – i.e., the unfinished business. We need a new and different kind of politics: A variation in our approach that remains true to our principles. A new way that does not deny our roots yet is a new radar, a fresh angle, a new paradigm. A coalition strategy we believe will best advance our struggle for change, if not “equality in our lifetime.”


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