CoRE UK – The Coalition for Race Equality

Equanomics UK has agreed to work with JUST West Yorkshire to act as the secretariat for the Coalition for Race Equality – CoRE UK.

CoRE is a partnership of over 50 BME and progressive organisations that aims to address the structural and systemic poverty, deprivation and disadvantage that Black and Minority Ethnic communities have historically experienced. It is committed to promoting race equality through adopting a solidarity and coalition-based approach.

CoRE UK partners produced the Black Manifesto before the 2010 Elections that provided evidence of BME disadvantage and developed a programme of action calling for fairness, equity and parity in BME outcomes across a number of areas. Attached is a summary copy of the Black Manifesto, for your information.

Following the publication of the Coalition government’s programme for action, CoRE have developed a response which is also attached for your perusal. The format of the Government document (attached in its original form) is followed to enable you to track CoRE UK’s response against each thematic area.

If you would like to join CoRE please email


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