Consultation Roundtables: Institutional Racism, Equality Bill Campaign 2009 and Banking reform

In 2009/2010 we conducted a series of ’roundtables’ in 10 cities in the UK on two themes of Institutional Racism and the Equality Bill (now an act). As a result of the Institutional Racism discussions we produced a special edition of the Equanomics Index, which carried articles on a range of areas concerned with Institutional Racism. On the Equality Bill we produced briefings and position papers which were sent to Government to influence the final shape of the Act.

For 2010/2011 we wish to expand our Banking Reform campaign. Many of our members and contacts live in the poorest housing and experience the highest poverty rates (25% of White children, 56% of African children, 60% of Pakistani and 72% of Bangladeshi children live in poverty in the UK). The banking and financial crisis has put some of the poorest people in the UK at greater risk of losing housing and jobs. Poorer people find it harder to access banking services, get loans and are charged extortionate and unpredictable interest rates.

We are campaigning for a Community Re-investment Act for the UK mandating banks to invest in the economic and educational advancement of Black and minority Ethnic and poor communities. If £850 billion has gone into bailing out the banks from taxpayers money we think it is time they gave something back to communities. Equanomics UK is part of the ‘Better Banking Campaign’ and will need resources to conduct and co-ordinate the discussions and campaign.


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