Individual: £5 per month, Organisation £10 per month

For what many of us would spend on one or two drinks per month, you will be supporting a movement which is focused on economic justice, anti-poverty work and challenging structural and systemic inequalities in society.

In return you will be on our contact list for regular information emails on the work of Equanomics UK and a range of issues ( eg: the Equality Act 2010). In addition you will be eligible for discounts or priority places at events.

Equanomics membership is open to anyone who agrees with our Strategic Objectives:

  • To build an inclusive and diverse approach to race equality in the UK based on economic justice
  • To build a community led alliance with a strong youth voice to lead on and promote this economic justice for race equality approach
  • To empower individuals and groups to have greater participation in civic society through political and economic representation

We are trying to become a self financing organisation and to do this we need people to subscribe for £5 per month. The more subscribers we have the more we can do, but we will always cut our cloth to correspond with our income.

We do also apply for grants however we do not want to become dependent on these or for grant monies to dominate our income.

In return for your subscriptions this last year please see what our activities summary (link to leaflet). This was based on 50 subscribers and small donations.

Subscribe Button

Option 1: £3.00 GBP – monthly
Option 2: £5.00 GBP – monthly
Option 3: £10.00 GBP – monthly

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