Equanomics at the UN Committee for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination

Karen Chouhan is currently out in Geneva representing Equanomics UK at the UN Committee for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination. Attach are the papers we have used to present the issues to the Committee. The UK government is also being questioned – the committee raises with the government many of our points in the questions document attached.

The other NGOs there are The Runnymede Trust (co-ordinating organisation), Migrant Rights Network, Discrimination Law Association, Just West Yorkshire, Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights,Glasgow, Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, Irish Traveller Movement, Cambridge Racial Incident Support Project. Also from the UK but with an international remit is the Global Afrikan Forum and Amnesty International and an organisation working against caste discrimination in the UK.

There are also four representatives from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and several government reps from the Ministry of Justice, and the Communities and Local Government Department and the Home Office.

One of the big areas of interest has been the recent riots and we have been stressing the need for the UK government to gain a full understanding of the main causes of the riots before instituting new police powers or criminal sanctions. This should include an Inquiry which fully consults young people and communities, enabling local people to contribute to identifying the issues and the changes that are needed. In its response to the riots the government should reflect the UK’s obligations under the Convention and should:

· Avoid using racialised language which results in criminalising particular communities;

· Ensure that the criminal justice system operates fairly, proportionately and independently; and

· Ensure that any measures do not lead to worse outcomes for ethnic minorities.

We will write again when the committees conclusions are published. We think you will find the documents useful especially the full CERD report as it contains up to date info on many areas of race equality. We also gave the committee a statement on multiculturalism as they seemed to be very concerned about David Cameron’s views expressed in Munich a few months ago.

UK NGOs Against Racism CERD Report
Priority Recommendations:UK NGOs Against Racism
UK NGOs Against Racism: Note on Multiculturalism and Intergration


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