Equanomics UK meets Andrew Stunell MP – Minister for Race Equality, as one of the organisations in a coalition of Black and Minority Ethnic organisations

On the 17th March 2011 Barbara Cohen  represented Equanomics UK at a meeting to discuss the Minister’s response to the organisations’ position paper on race equality.  The organisations’ paper can be downloaded HERE, and the Minister’s response is attached HERE.

The coalition of organisations focused on:
(i) Health (ii) Education (iii) Employment (iv) Criminal Justice (v) Housing (vi) Political engagement and representation.

At the meeting the Minister mentioned an Integration Strategy several times and that the consultation on this will be published in May. We need to be prepared to respond as we need to reinforce the fact that Integration and Cohesion are different concepts to race equality.

As Equanomics UK says:
Social integration will not happen without economic integration, there can be no social justice without economic justice.
This is evidenced most graphically by the employment gap, continuing discrimination in employment and stark differential poverty rates. Information on all of these can be found in the sections on employment and poverty in the Black Manifesto which can be accessed HERE.



~ by jonathanure on March 23, 2011.

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